Webinar Series: Overview of Removal Proceedings and Orders of Removal

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In an era of increased immigration enforcement, many noncitizens are at a higher risk of being placed in removal proceedings or being subject to a non-court removal order. What kinds of removal orders exist under the law and how do they come about?  What happens in immigration court after someone receives a Notice to Appear, or NTA? How can advocates counsel their clients to understand their risk of exposure to the current administration’s enforcement machine? This webinar series, designed for advocates who do not regularly represent clients in removal proceedings, will introduce the world of removal orders and proceedings and offer tips for advocates to provide effective counseling to clients.          

Webinar One: All about Removal Orders   
Feb. 24 | 2 p.m. ET | CA MCLE: 1.5

This webinar will review both immigration court removal orders and orders of removal issued outside of immigration court, including expedited removal orders, removal orders against persons with aggravated felony convictions, judicial orders of removal and reinstatements of removal.

Webinar Two: Overview of Removal Proceedings in Immigration Court  
March 2 | 2 p.m. ET | CA MCLE: 1.5

This webinar will examine the anatomy of a removal proceeding, including when proceedings may be initiated and the different components of an immigration court hearing that may be involved. The webinar will also review the rights and responsibilities of persons in removal proceedings. The presenters will explain how proceedings are initiated, who the players are and the varying ways proceedings can conclude.

Webinar Three: Overview of Relief from Removal
March 9 | 2 p.m. ET | CA MCLE: 1.5

This webinar will cover the forms of relief available to respondents in removal proceedings, such as asylum, cancellation of removal and adjustment of status. Presenters will discuss the key issues to screen for to identify possible eligibility for relief and bond, as well as risks of mandatory detention.

Webinar Four: Counseling Your Client about Exposure to Enforcement
March 16 | 2 p.m. ET | CA MCLE: 1.5

In the fourth webinar, presenters will offer guidance on how to counsel clients in this era of heightened enforcement. Topics include NTA policy guidance, Immigration and Customs Enforcement work raids, ICE enforcement in courthouses, border apprehensions and your client’s rights in an encounter with immigration law enforcement.  

NOTE: Access to recordings of the webinars are included with your purchase of the four-part webinar series. Your complimentary access will be available until April 16, 2020.

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